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Wireless Chipmaker Showing Moxi

23 Sep, 2002 By: Hive News

Wireless chipset maker Magis Networks, Inc. has signed an agreement with Digeo, Inc., which makes the Web-enabled Moxi media center set-top boxes, to jointly develop a prototype wireless media center that includes the integration of Magis' 802.11a-based products.

"We will work together to explore ways to combine Digeo's powerful media platform with our wireless solution for distribution of video, audio and data throughout the home to amplifyconsumer access to broadband content," said Clarence Bruckner, president and CEO, Magis Networks, Inc.

“We think that in the future, the wireless distribution of entertainment, communications and information throughout the home will be an exciting proposition for both consumers and our network operator customers,” said Jim Billmaier, CEO, Digeo.

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