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Wired Women Play Games, Download Music

19 Apr, 2002 By: Hive News

Internet usage more heavily affects the television viewing habits of women with children than women without children in the U.S., according to Jupiter Media Metrix.

In the first report from Jupiter's new Online Behavior & Demographics service, 44 percent of women with children admit their use of the Internet decreases the time they spend watching TV. Jupiter analysts forecast that marketers and publishers will have the opportunity to reach more than 49 million women online between the ages of 18 and 49, in addition to another eight million female college and graduate students by 2006.

“Because women with children often have time constraints, and therefore a limited time budget for media consumption, increased use of the Internet is more likely to cannibalize time that was once spent watching television,” said Jon Gibs, Jupiter research analyst. “Advertisers and programmers interested in reaching mothers should therefore consider increasing their online marketing efforts relative to TV advertising.”

The report -- titled Demographic Profile: Women Online -- reveals that women with children enjoy using the Internet to play games online (29 percent), download music (29 percent) and conduct research for school and homework-related projects (40 percent). In contrast, women without children are more inclined to turn to the Internet for utility-related activities, such as making travel arrangements (54 percent), doing research for work (41 percent), checking stock quotes (20 percent) and reading the news online (47 percent). In addition to segmenting female Web users by popular online activities, the report examines women's Web site visitation habits, attitudes toward online advertising and online shopping patterns.

“Now more than ever all companies, regardless of their particular industry or market segment, need to know as much as possible about the online audience and customer,” said Evan Cohen, SVP of data research for Jupiter Research.

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