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Wilson to Leave Blockbuster

8 Nov, 2002 By: Kurt Indvik

Dean Wilson, who as Blockbuster's EVP of content has overseen Big Blue's global purchasing operations as well as its product acquisitions subsidiary DEJ Productions, has announced he will be leaving the company at year's end. Wilson has been with Blockbuster since 1995.

Wilson, 44, said he is leaving to further his career in new directions and is currently “looking at several opportunities,” some of which are in the entertainment business and others not. He declined to be more specific than that, saying that this is a move he has been considering for some time and had been discussing with chairman and CEO John Antioco.

“I am just one of those people that needs something new,” Wilson said. “I have loved working at Blockbuster. I have had a fantastic time for almost eight years. I just can't say enough about the people, the company, the management. I'm a fan, and I can say I probably have the largest collection of Blockbuster T-shirts of anyone in the company.”

No decision has been made yet as to how Wilson's responsibilities will be divided, or to whom they will be delegated, however Karen Raskoph, SVP of corporate communications, said a decision will be made between now and the end of the year, with time given to enable Wilson to help in the transition.

Wilson has held a variety of positions within the Blockbuster organization, both in domestic and international sales and rental operations, including SVP of rental, EVP, chief merchandising officer, and in 1999 assumed the position of EVP of content upon the founding of DEJ Productions, the content acquisition subsidiary that he helped establish (he's the “D” in DEJ). Wilson has a 20-year career in home entertainment, coming to Blockbuster from TransWorld Entertainment, where he was divisional merchandise manager for video. He also held posts with the venerable Lechmere chain before it closed its doors in 1997.

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