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Wherehouse Offers Free DVD With Purchase of Three

9 Dec, 2002 By: Hive News

Wherehouse Music raises the curtain on its latest commercial campaign today, tempting entertainment consumers with "Elves Gone Wild Sale" that offers a free DVD with the the purchase of three, any weekend this month.

TV ads featuring mischievous elves invading people's houses.

Geared primarily toward an18- to-34-year-old male audience, the "Elves Gone Wild Sale" will air on network and cable television channels.

"The new holiday commercials really play up the great CD and DVD promotions we've put in place for the holidays. Colby & Partners found a fun way to deliver our sales message and stand out during the busy holiday season," said Susan Heine, Wherehouse Music VP of Marketing.

In the first spot, "Little Stalkers - CDs," there's something approaching a house, then entering the house, creeping from room to room. A young man is sleeping inside. Shadows move across his room. His eyes flicker open and he is alarmed to find a ceramic elf on his chest and hundreds more filling his room. The elf says, "Free CD." Then the spot cuts to product visuals and voice over. The sales message announces, "The Elves Gone Wild Sale at Wherehouse Music. Buy any 3 CDs, get the fourth free, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in December."

The second spot opens on a young woman relaxing at home, reading a magazine. She hears a strange noise and gets up to investigate. The camera follows her through the house. She nears the back door, pulls aside the curtain, and flips on the light to reveal hundreds of elves in her yard. She screams. One of the elves says, "Free DVD." Then the spot cuts to the product and voice over. The sales message announces "Buy any 3 DVDs, get the fourth free, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in December."

The new spots created by Colby & Partners, run through Dec. 29 in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and Dallas markets.

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