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Wherehouse Looks to Entice Used DVD Sellers, Buyers

23 Jan, 2003 By: Jessica Wolf

Though California-based chain Wherehouse Entertainment filed for bankruptcy earlier this week, the discs were still turning at a Costa Mesa, Calif., store Tuesday evening.

There were enough shoppers perusing the store's well-supplied DVD section and plying clerks with questions to keep salespeople -- two behind the counter and one roaming the store -- on their toes. And, stickered on new and recent releases like The Bourne Identity, Barbershop, 101 Dalmatians 2 and Simone was a special pricing offer -- $19.99 as is, or $14.99 with a used DVD trade-in. Fine print directed interested traders/buyers to ask a sales associate about the offer.

This location has specially priced under-$10 DVDs clearly labeled and racked aplenty along the front wall of the store, on endcaps and in bins near the register. And it sounds like a major remerchandising is on the schedule. As one clerk helped an especially chatty male customer choose a DVD, he noted the store's plans to bring used DVD stock forward to the front of the store, shift some alphabetical DVD racks, and shuffle used VHS titles toward the rear walls, where this particular location hosts a video rental section.

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