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Wherehouse Ads Go To the Dogs

10 Jun, 2002 By: Hive News

Wherehouse Music will debut its latest commercial tomorrow. The two, 30-second spots, set to run tomorrow through June 30 appropriately titled "Dolly - Buried" and "Dolly - Dog," were created with an edgy, irreverent theme to support Wherehouse Music's latest CD/DVD promotions.

"We're really excited about these new commercials. We've got a great promotion in place for both DVDs and CDs and are looking for measurable sales results from these ads,” said Renee Geddis, Wherehouse Music VP of Marketing.

Using the surrealistic look and feel of a traditional toy commercial, the spots feature the Wherehouse Music "Dolly" as the main character. In both spots, the toy doll provides the voiceover, repeatedly delivering the spots' core promotional message with irreverence. Colby & Partners created the campaign, which features two 30-second spots that use humor and sarcasm to drive home the message.

The DVD spot, entitled "Dolly - Dog," focuses on the retailer's DVD promotion (select DVDs for only $19.99 with an additional $5 off for those bringing in a used DVD). In this spot, a young girl lovingly cradles and cares for the toy doll, which describes the details of the promotion. When the young girl wanders off, the family dog tries to quiet the doll. As the spot closes, the Wherehouse Music "Dolly" is severely tattered and torn, but once again in the care of the girl and still talking about the promotion.

In the CD spot, entitled "Dolly - Buried," a smiling young boy happily playg with the Wherehouse Music "Dolly," which repeats the details of the retailer's CD promotion (select new releases are $9.99 plus one used CD) over and over. The boy goes from gleeful and conten to frustrated with the incessantly chatty doll, which he finally silences by burying her.

The new spots will run for three weeks in 35 markets, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Phoenix and New Orleans. The commercials, geared toward the retailer's 18- to-34-year-old target audience, will primarily air on the MTV, VH-1, Comedy Central, BET and E! cable channels.

"These spots are fun and target-appropriate. While they need to work hard, drive traffic into the store and deliver a fairly complex message, we also wanted to give them – and Wherehouse Music – an ownable personality,” said said Joan Goldfeder, EVP and partner at Colby & Partners. “Given the target and the category, there's room to push the envelope creatively.”

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