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What Becomes A Legend Most? Liberty

10 Jan, 2002 By: Hive News

Liberty International Entertainment (Delaware), formerly Hawaiian Legend, has completed its acquisition of Liberty International Entertainment (Nevada), which owns and operates an international film and television distribution company, distributing programming worldwide to over 80 countries under exclusive licensing agreements.

The transaction includes all broadcast outlets -- TV networks, independent TV stations, cable companies, video, DVD, satellite facilities -- as well as multi-media systems such as the Internet. The company's film library features motion pictures, documentaries, sports, specials, musicals, Spanish programming and children's animated television programs. Liberty (Nevada) has expanded its operations into co-production of a variety of programming -- as well as its own publishing production, marketing and distribution division that licenses movies, concerts, animation and special event programming primarily for the home use market of audio, video devices: CD, VHS, audio cassettes and DVD. Liberty has its own editing and post-production facility including a 5.1 surround sound system.

In connection with the completion of the acquisition, Liberty (Delaware) has: effected a name change from Hawaiian Legend, Inc. to Liberty International Entertainment Inc.; received the new stock ticker symbol (LIEI). completed a share exchange which resulted in a total of 14,560,000 common shares being issued and outstanding, with a public float of 1,146,000 shares.

Liberty's (Delaware) president Randy Naft stated that he anticipates the company will continue to grow and expand its operations and is optimistic that the acquisition will enable the company to better access the capital markets to fund the expansion of its business of producing and licensing its film and television properties.

Prior to the acquisition, Liberty (Delaware) and Liberty (Nevada) were under common control.

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