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Western Transactions Grabs Gotaplay

17 Jan, 2006 By: Holly J. Wagner

Western Transitions Inc. will acquire Gotaplay Interactive, which runs the online game and UMD rental site www.gottaplay.com (and www.gotaplay.com).

The company offers games for Microsoft XBox, Sony PlayStation2 and PSP, Nintendo GameCube and DS and other platforms for $12.95 a month for a one-out plan, $20.95 for a two-out plan and $28.95 for three out at a time.

The deal is expected to close by Jan. 30, subject to the completion of Gotaplay Interactive's audited financial statements.

Following that, management plans several modifications to integrate Gotaplay Interactive into Western Transitions' existing operations. Gotaplay Interactive will become Gottaplay Interactive, and a new trading symbol will be created to reflect the acquisition and the modified company name.

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