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Weinsteins Bring Anti-Smoking Message to DVD

24 Oct, 2006 By: John Latchem

The Weinstein Company's upcoming DVD release of Clerks II will include an anti-smoking ad from the American Legacy Foundation.

Maryland Attorney General J. Joseph Curran in September urged movie studios to use ads from the Foundation's “truth” campaign to discourage teen smoking, in an effort to counter the image of smoking in movies.

Foundation president and CEO Cheryl Healton cited research indicating teens are influenced by smoking in the movies, saying putting the “truth” ads on the DVD should counter any negative effects.

The Weinsteins are the first studio to include the PSAs on their DVDs.

Clerks II is due Dec. 5 from Genius Products, which is 70% owned by The Weinstein Co.

Separately, Weinstein Co. founders Bob and Harvey Weinstein hosted a Manhattan party Oct. 23 for Wal-Mart CEO Lee Scott. The dinner party at Rockefeller Center's Rainbow Room included a private concert by The Eagles.

The Weinsteins praised Scott as a great business partner for the entertainment industry and a great role model for environmental issues.

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