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Wee-Man Celebrates Joy of DVD

11 Apr, 2008 By: Chris Tribbey

Jason 'Wee-Man' Acuna

He's only a few feet high in real life, but he's an absolute giant in the world of “Jackass,” skateboarding and in personality. Jason “Wee-Man” Acuna chatted recently with Home Media Magazine about “Jackass” on the Internet and DVD, of skateboarding and … Nacho Libre.

  • HM: Paramount Digital Entertainment and MTV just launched “Jackass” worldwide on the Internet. Everyone in the world can see you chasing Johnny Knoxville around naked for his birthday. Are you OK with this? Really?

  • Acuna: Anything goes when it comes to the Internet, man. Hey man, they see what we want them to see, and it's always a lot of fun stuff. They're gonna see what's on there, they'll like it, and come back for more.

  • HM: Do you like going back and watching “Jackass” on DVD? What about Jackass 2.5?

  • Acuna: Actually, it gets boring. By the time it gets to DVD, we've been to six premieres and done the commentary for the DVD, and it just gets boring. I've seen it 20 times by the time anyone else gets to see it.

  • HM: What do you watch on DVD? Do you have a big collection at home?

  • Acuna: That's all I do is buy DVDs. I don't watch TV that much. I'll buy TV series on DVD, I'll wait for movies on DVD. I have about 1,500 DVDs, and for me it's a write-off. And good for dates. I buy all the “Jackass” DVDs.

  • HM: Can you name your top five DVDs, movies you'd watch over and over again, no matter how many times you've seen them?

  • Acuna: Let's see. Snatch; Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels; One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest; Nacho Libre

  • HM: Wait, Nacho Libre? Seriously?

  • Acuna: $%#* yeah man! Really, come on, there are so many great quotes in that movie. And Jackass 2, just because I have to look out for my boys.

  • HM: What are you working on next?

  • Acuna: I'm really focused on getting my skateboarding DVD out there. People always seem to wonder what I can do skateboarding, and that's what I'm really focused on right now.

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