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Web Features Gaining Popularity With Disc Buyers

17 Apr, 2008 By: Chris Tribbey

While BD Live, the Internet connectivity feature for Blu-ray Discs, is just gaining steam, a new report from The Diffusion Group shows that consumers are getting hip to the idea of Web-enabled features on their next standard DVD player.

“Though there is much discussion about which [consumer electronics] platform is best suited to introduce next-generation Web and PC-like functionality to the home entertainment center, very few platforms have the strategic legacy of the DVD player,” said Michael Greeson, The Diffusion Group president and author of the report. “The DVD player diffused very deeply, very quickly, much more so than other types of video platforms. It has proven not only ‘in demand' but impossible to resist.”

The report looked at nine Internet-enabled features, and consumers' receptiveness to them: Accessing new previews and trailers, updated interviews with actors, accessing online fan sites for the film, sharing favorite scenes with other connected viewers, chatting with other viewers, downloading ring tones from the movie soundtrack, downloading movie photos to use as wallpaper, buying products featured in the movie, and downloading new language tracks. The report also takes into account respondents' age, gender, technology adoption status and likelihood to buy a new DVD player in the next six months.

The most popular feature was updated movie trailers or previews, with 37% of respondents showing interest. Chatting with others via the DVD player showed the least support among consumers, with only 13% showing interest.

“Vendors still haven't figured out that by adding Internet support and a few compelling Web-enabled features into a mainstream living room platform like the DVD player will increase the uptake of media networking in general and particularly, TV-based Web video consumption,” Greeson said.

The report can be purchased at www.thediffusiongroup.com or by calling 469-287-8050.

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