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Watermarking Forecasted to Grow

22 Jan, 2008 By: Chris Tribbey

Digital watermarking and fingerprinting technologies could grow into a $500 million worldwide business by 2012, largely due to content-owner demand and the fear of runaway peer-to-peer networks, according to a new report from MultiMedia Intelligence.

“Beyond Traditional DRM: Moving to Digital Watermarking & Fingerprinting in Media Monetization” researches and forecasts the future market for watermarking and digital fingerprinting, and also points out that relevant DRM (digital rights management) techniques have a place as well.

“Non-linear media distribution requires new enabling technologies, beyond traditional encryption-based digital rights management,” said MultiMedia Intelligence President Mark Kirstein. “The growth of peer-to-peer distribution, social networks and content piracy is accelerating the need for watermarking and fingerprinting.”

The report examines the work of companies such as Cinea, Philips and Verimatrix, and hints that high-def content could find its way to video-on-demand before optical discs, thanks to secure watermarking.

Solid watermarking of content can also limit the damage done by P2P networks, the report reads: “Content owners are continuing to pressure Web properties and other network owners to police their content. … Fingerprinting and watermarking will play a pivotal role in broadband operators' developing plans to filter peer-to-peer networks to restrict copyrighted material that is being illegally distributed.”

More information about the report can be found at www.multimediaintelligence.com, or by calling Mark Kirstein at 480-626-1685.

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