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Watchwith Joins EIDR

24 Apr, 2014 By: Chris Tribbey

Cloud software company Watchwith, which works with app developers on sync-to-screen initiatives, has joined the nonprofit industry group Entertainment ID Registry (EIDR), making Watchwith the first EIDR member that specializes in interactive video and second-screen experiences.

EIDR is an industry-wide effort to tag every commercial digital video, helping group assets into one catalog, with the aim of streamlining digital delivery and simplifying commercial transactions.

“Watchwith will dramatically broaden the range of applications and work flows where EIDR increases efficiencies and enables new types of content monetization,” Don Dulchinos, executive director of EIDR, said.

Adding Watchwith will extend the reach of EIDR’s universal ID solution to interactive companion experiences on mobile devices, advanced set-top boxes and Internet-connected TVs, the two said.

“Uniquely identifying each program is a critical step to unlocking new revenue and new interactive consumer experiences,” said Zane Vella, Watchwith founder and CEO. “EIDR can play a key role in scale and interoperability for interactive video features.”


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