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Warner Waves ‘Potter' Theatrical Wand at DVD Buyers

18 Oct, 2002 By: Holly J. Wagner

With Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets due to reveal its magic in November, Warner Home Video is offering a cheap movie ticket carrot at the end of the boy wizard's video magic wand. The supplier is hoping consumers will grant its wishes for higher sales on Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone on video with a tear-off coupon offer for $6.50 off a movie ticket for the second release in the franchise with proof of purchase of Sorcerer's Stone on video.

“It creates a greater value so people who are using it as a gift item are giving both a movie ticket and a DVD,” said Mimi Slavin, VP of promotions at Warner Home Video. The promo may also reach the allowance-spending set, who might otherwise have to choose between a movie ticket and a video product.

“I don't think with Harry Potter we have completely blanketed the market yet. Of course we want to,” Slavin said. “Some people resisted getting the DVD because they had paid the price to see the movie.”

The mail-in approach eliminates the need to recycle product or sticker what's already in stores. “It's also a way, in the abstract, to allow retailers to have some part of the magic.”

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