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Warner Premiere Bites Into 'Lost Boys' DTV

By : Billy Gil | Posted: 03 Jun 2008

Direct-to-video division Warner Premiere has taken on following The Lost Boys, the 1987 comedy thriller about a band of young vampires starring Kiefer Sutherland and Jason Patric. Its sequel, The Lost Boys: The Tribe, will be released by Warner Home Video on DVD and Blu-ray Disc July 29.

The Lost Boys: The Tribe is directed by P.J. Pesce and stars Tad Hilgenbrink (American Pie Presents: Band Camp), Angus Sutherland (half-brother of Kiefer), Autumn Reeser (“The O.C.”) and Cory Feldman reprising his role as Edgar Frog, a vampire hunter. Jamison Newlander and Corey Haim, from the original film, also make appearances.

The DTV sequel follows a brother (Hilgenbrink) and sister (Reeser) who move to the quiet California surf town of Luna Bay and become entangled with a local vampire gang. It will be available on single-disc ‘R'-rated and unrated DVDs (both $27.95) and on Blu-ray ($35.99).

In conjunction with the release, Warner will release the original The Lost Boys the same day on Blu-ray Disc, at $28.99. The Blu-ray version will have the same special features as the currently available two-disc special-edition DVD, including commentary with director Joel Schumacher, interviews, featurettes, deleted scenes and a photo gallery.


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