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Warner Has a Great Week at the Video Counter

22 May, 2003 By: Melinda Saccone

Warner Bros. and home video division Warner Home Video took top honors at the box office and rental counter, and owned three of the top five DVD sellers and four of the top five VHS sellers for the week.

Warner's much-touted sequel The Matrix Reloaded set box office records, earning $134.3 million in its first week of release. The marketing hype from the sequel helped relaunch sales of The Matrix on disc.

For the week ended May 4, The Matrix reappeared on the First Alert top DVD sellers chart at No. 6 and jumped to the No. 4 position by May 18.

Warner had two other releases break into the top five DVD sellers for the week as well: Analyze That (No.2) and Two Weeks Notice (No. 5).

DreamWorks Home Entertainment's Catch Me If You Can took top honors for the second straight week in the DVD top sellers category.

On cassette, Buena Vista Home Entertainment's Treasure Planet remained the No. 1 VHS seller for the third week running, while Warner scooped up the rest of the top five. Treasure Planet took the No. 6 spot on the DVD sellers chart, selling 2.6 units in DVD for every unit consumers bought on cassette.

First Alert data shows that DVD units accounted for 89 percent of the combined unit volume of the top 20 VHS and DVD sellers.

At the rental counter, there was no competition for Analyze That. Available for sale on both DVD and cassette, the title nevertheless posted strong rentals. In its first five days of release, Analyze That earned $15.35 million in combined DVD and VHS rental revenue, for a first-place finish.

Consumer spending for the week came in at $145.7 million, a slight 0.9 percent drop from the comparable week last year. Year-to-date spending stands at $3.62 billion, up 1.3 percent from the $3.57 billion spent in the first 20 weeks of 2002.

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