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Warner Goes Indie With 'Raw Feed'

4 Apr, 2006 By: Brendan Howard

Tapping filmmakers from “24,” “The X-Files” and The Blair Witch Project, Warner Home Video is launching a new film line called Raw Feed.

It marks the first time WHV has gone outside its own library to develop such “edgy new independent films,” according to Jeff Baker, SVP and GM for theatrical catalog at Warner.

Raw Feed films will be designed for multi-platform distribution, including theatrical release.

“X-Files” executive producer John Shiban will direct his first feature film on the label, Rest Stop, to be released on DVD in the fourth quarter. It's a horror film about a couple terrorized on a cross-country trip. Two more Raw Feed films are scheduled for release during first-half 2007, the first by “24” executive producer Tony Krantz and the second by Blair Witch co-creator Daniel Myrick.

“[It's] an opportunity to make unique and risky films that are a stylistic mash-up of the three genres of thriller, sci-fi and horror,” said Krantz.

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