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Warner Family Dog Leads June Pack

12 Jul, 2002 By: Jessica Wolf

A fraidy-cat pooch and his mystery-solving gang made No. 1 market share an easy grab for Warner in June.

Scooby-Doo's strong hold on the box office yielded $124 million for the studio, making up more than half of Warner's June dollars.

Twentieth Century Fox held its No. 2 spot from May, thanks to the Tom Cruise actioner Minority Report's $73.4 million and Star Wars: Episode II's monthly take of $74.9 million.

Universal's Matt Damon starrer The Bourne Identity was no slouch either, chipping in $72.9 million to help the studio to third place.

Sony scored fourth-place share thanks to Spider-Man's long, strong theatrical legs and a better-than-expected box office debut from Adam Sandler's latest, the comedy remake Mr. Deeds.

Record-breaking Spidey took in $56.4 million in June -- its second month in theaters -- to reach $396 million by June 30.

Mr. Deeds opened June 28 and garnered $37.2 million its opening weekend.

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