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Warner to Bow Its First Blu-ray Slate

14 Jul, 2006 By: Thomas K. Arnold

As VSDA convention showgoers caught glimpses of the two faces of next-generation packaged media at the Blu-ray Caf? and the HD DVD pavilion, Warner Home Video July 12 became the third studio to announce a slate of Blu-ray titles.

The studio, one of only two supporting both high-def formats, will release four titles Aug. 1. Training Day and Good Night, and Good Luck will be $28.99 each, while Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Rumor Has It… will sell for $34.99 each.

Future waves will be announced in coming weeks, according to Warner Home Video president Ron Sanders.

“These initial Blu-ray titles demonstrate the superb quality of high definition across a range of genres, providing consumers with a cinema-quality experience from the comfort of their homes,” he said.

No word on special features, but sources say the Warner films, like the Blu-ray titles released by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and Lionsgate, may be light on extras. This is a situation sources say will continue to exist until a 50GB disc becomes available and Java cross-platform software is incorporated.

Warner has been releasing titles in the HD DVD format since mid-April and has more than a dozen releases in stores, including Training Day, Rumor Has It… and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. The two latter titles are available as HD DVD-standard DVD combos.

Sanders said Warner supports both formats because of its leadership role in home entertainment — the studio has the highest market share of the six majors.

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