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Wal-Mart Stocks Up On DVD Exclusives

8 Feb, 2007 By: John Latchem

While Disney's direct-to-video sequel Cinderella III: A Twist in Time was the hot-ticket item for retailer exclusives last week, Wal-Mart also took a low-key approach in offering exclusives for a number of other new releases.

In addition to its Cinderella III CD-ROM activity disc and “Hellboy” comic, Wal-Mart offered an on-pack soundtrack with 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment's Flicka, and packaged the Clint Eastwood World War II epic Flags of Our Fathers with the 1965 John Wayne starrer In Harm's Way. The two-pack is $19.96; Flags a la carte is $16.87.

Of the four retailers surveyed last week, the Santa Ana, Calif., Wal-Mart had the most prominent display specifically devoted to Valentine's Day, promoting an assortment of catalog titles at $4.88 each.

The other retailers had their usual discount displays. Best Buy had an assortment of $4.99 catalog titles, as did Circuit City, which also offered a slate of recent theatricals at $9.99 each.

In the wake of Target's exclusive two-disc limited edition of Lionsgate's Saw III, Best Buy offered an exclusive two-disc set of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment's The Grudge 2, which included 10 Webisodes chronicling the making of the film, plus video journals and featurettes. Like Wal-Mart, Best Buy promoted sales of the original The Grudge through its 2-for-$25 deal. Consumers buying Grudge 2 could add either the original film or The Exorcism of Emily Rose for a total of $25.

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