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Wal-Mart Lines Up Football Series Exclusive

31 Oct, 2005 By: Thomas K. Arnold

Chalk up another exclusive for Wal-Mart. Arriving at the giant retail chain Nov. 15 is the HBO original hit series “1st & Ten,” which ran on the cable network for six seasons, from 1984 to 1990.

All 80 episodes of the sitcom — about a fictional football team called the California Bulls and its divorcee owner, played by Delta Burke — are included on the six-disc set, which retails for $19.96 and is released by independent DVD supplier Tango Entertainment of Santa Monica, Calif.

Among the series' costars: O.J. Simpson, a regular cast member starting in 1985. Simpson played T.D. Parker, the team's quarterback, assistant coach and then team manager.

“1st & Ten” also featured guest appearances by such professional football icons as Joe Namath, Marcus Allen, Lawrence Taylor, Hershel Walker, Randall Cunningham and Eric Dickerson.

Like other suppliers entering into exclusives with large retailers, John Bergeson, Tango Entertainment's chief of sales and marketing, said his company cut the deal to get prime shelf space in the nation's largest retail seller of DVDs.

“The exclusive with Wal-Mart offers us the opportunity to get prime in-store positioning to take full advantage of peak football season and the first big holiday buying weekend,” Bergeson said.

The TV DVD package will be merchandised in freestanding floor displays under the tagline, “Great Value, Great Gift.”

The title is being sold through Anderson Merchandisers to Wal-Mart's more than 3,000 stores.

High DVD volume Wal-Mart locations will carry a 340-count merchandiser of the title. Other stores will stock the 160-unit display.

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