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'Waiting' For Interactivity

27 Jan, 2006 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Lionsgate for the first time will include interactive commentary on the DVD release of Waiting…. Select members of the cast and crew will appear superimposed over the movie.

Waiting… streets Feb. 7 ($28.98). The comedy, about a group of teen guys and their antics while working at Shenanigan's restaurant, features Ryan Reynolds and Anna Faris, who both starred in Just Friends (New Line Cinema).

Lionsgate beginning Jan. 30 will launch a grassroots marketing campaign with kiosks, posters, pint glasses and coasters at the 50 biggest colleges in the country.

To create the superimposed effect, cast and crew interviewed for commentary were shot against a green screen. During the movie, when an optional hot dog icon appears in the lower left portion of the screen, viewers can hit “enter” on the remote and be linked seamlessly to cast auditions, commentary and related material. Upon completion, the viewer is automatically returned to the previous spot in the movie.

“We felt [Waiting…] is a movie like Clerks and Office Space with a cult following, and we wanted to do something that would capitalize on that,” said Tim Pruitt, brand manager with Lionsgate. “Because there are so many underlining jokes and the cast is so funny, there is a ton of [bonus material] to keep you entertained.”

The film also includes a separate commentary track in which first-time director Rob McKittrick uses a telestrator [the same device used in NFL football games] to pause the film in real time and make notations on the screen.

“We included a complete second version of the movie to accommodate the telestrator,” Pruitt said. “It takes a lot more room on the DVD.”

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