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VSDA Show: MTI Broadening Its Product Scope

30 Jul, 2003 By: Jessica Wolf

In the last two years, MTI has reached out from its core product of horror and urban titles into the family genre and has gone even edgier with its product released under its new thriller/horror label, Redrum.

It was outside their expertise at the time, but MTI successfully launched into the family category, with its Artist View label and titles like The Newcomers, which was nominated for a VSDA award this year. Success in the family genre has come as a pleasant surprise, said MTI VP Claudia Brahms, especially since MTI branching into the arena came about in part as a way for husband-and-wife team Claudia and MTI president Larry Brahms to screen potential films and hang out with their son at the same time.

Look for MTI to increase its presence. For nearly two decades, the company has flown a bit under the radar in the consumer press, but the company plans a major consumer branding initiative in 2004 for all of its lines -- Delta, Artist View, Bedford, Fangoria and Redrum Entertainment, including an increased media presence and in-store merchandising projects.

“Some of our DVDs, I would put up against some studio releases,” said Jay Grossman, VP of sales and acquisitions for MTI.

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