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VSDA Recommends ‘Overlooked' Flicks

27 Dec, 2001 By: Hive News

While studios and the Hollywood trades tout box office superlatives, the Video Software Dealers Association (VSDA) has its own list we might call the "10 Best Missed List."

Because new-to-video theatrical releases are often more visible, consumers may overlook other worthy titles at rental. So VSDA recruited rentailer and film historian Mark Tusher, who owns Alamo Video in Simi Valley, Calif., to compile the following list of 10 movies released on video in 2001 that made less than 25 million each at the box office.

The list includes titles "most consumers may never have heard of, but won't be quick to forget," Tusher says. His picks are:

1) Under Suspicion starring Gene Hackman and Morgan Freeman
2) Two Family House starring Michael Rispoli
3) The Claim starring Wes Bentley and Peter Mullan
4) Requiem For A Dream starring Ellen Burstyn
5) The Gift starring Cate Blanchette and Hilary Swank
6) What's Cooking starring Mercedes Ruehl and Julianna Margulies
7) One Night At McCool's starring Liv Tyler and Matt Dillon
8) State And Main starring Alec Baldwin and Sarah Jessica Parker
9) The Dish starring Sam Neill
10) Sunshine starring Ralph Fiennes and Rachel Weisz

Tusher also has a list of favorite sleeper titles of 2001 that have yet to arrive on video. They include: The Deep End, Ghost World, Tortilla Soup, Life As A House, Lantana and Sexy Beast.

Some of Tusher's favorite foreign language films of 2001 that generated less than $25 million at the box office are The Widow of Saint Pierre, Amores Perros, The Girl On The Bridge, Melena and With A Friend Like Harry.

"Every year some of the best movies go totally unnoticed at the theaters," says Tusher, a former Hollywood Reporter music critic and local newspaper video columnist.

Tusher also recommends a handful of films that skew more mainstream yet still didn't manage to find box office gold. They include the 3000 Miles To Graceland, a Las Vegas heist movie, and The Way of the Gun, a "completely overlooked" action thriller from the writer of The Usual Suspects and starring Benicio Del Toro and James Caan.

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