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VSDA Offers Applicant Test To Weed Out Thieves

15 Apr, 2002 By: Hive News

To help combat employee theft, the Video Software Dealers Association (VSDA) has launched a new benefit designed to help video retailers select and hire honest employees, the trade group announced today.

"This test is a valuable new member benefit that provides an additional tool in the hiring process," said VSDA president Bo Andersen.

The new program includes a special selection test developed in partnership with Reid London House, a workforce management company.

This test, called the "Video Store Readiness Assessment" (VSRA), is intended to help video retailers evaluate the quality of job applicants. The VSRA is designed to help measure key applicant attitudes and behaviors correlated with future job performance. It contains 51 attitudinal and behavioral items to help indicate personal traits of the candidates that may be concealed during the normal interview process. These include: honesty and conscientiousness; productivity; past theft of cash or merchandise; past or present illegal on-the-job drug use; and personal achievements. The VSRA is designed for completion in 15 minutes and is statistically validated to assist employers in documenting compliance with applicable laws.

"Every time you hire a new staff member, you are at risk of losing thousands of dollars to employee theft," said Mark Fisher, VSDA VP of Membership. "For this reason, many retailers swear by pre-employment testing and use it prior to interviewing or hiring any new staff member. This can be an inexpensive addition to a retailer's hiring process that might help them weed out undesirable applicants before wasting precious money."

The facts about internal theft are quite sobering:

* U.S. businesses endure $53 billion in losses each year due to employee theft.

* A third of all business failures are due to employee theft.

* An employee thief steals 10 times more than a shoplifter.

* Employee theft accounts for 43 percent of total retailer losses.

* Half of all employees admit that they have lied to their employer, and a third admit that they have stolen from their employer.

Further information on the Video Store Readiness Assessment is available on the VSDA Web site at vsda.org/benefits, or by calling VSDA manager of Member Services Faulkner Wright at (603) 352-8445.

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