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VSDA Holds Chat With Chairman

6 Mar, 2003 By: Kurt Indvik

VSDA members peppered board chairman Tom Warren with a variety of questions about the association's viability, its efforts to control street date violations and its member status during an online “Chat With the Chairman” on VSDA's Web site last week. Regarding street date violations Warren said the board has approved a new Street Date Monitor to put pressure on offending retailers and on studios to act on offenses. “The significance of street dates and the necessity of their salvation cry for the support of all segments of the industry,” Warren said. Warren also responded to concerns about the lack of independent video retailer (IVR) representation through the auspices of the former Impendent Retailer Council, which has been disbanded. When asked why the committee was eliminated, Warren said “…the IRC had too wide a scope to be fairly asked to accomplish anything. Instead I ensured that the independent retailers had a strong representation on each VSDA committee.” During the chat, Warren said the association currently represents about 12,000 storefronts from about 1,300 – 1,400 member companies, 800-900 of which are retailers with three or fewer stories. A full transcript of the chat is available to members at www.vsda.org.

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