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VSDA Asks Members to Appoint Ratings Compliance Officers

31 May, 2005 By: Thomas K. Arnold

Taking a cue from the National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO), the trade organization for video retailers wants its members to get tough about ratings.

The Video Software Dealers Association (VSDA) is asking its member retailers to designate one employee as a “ratings compliance officer.” The designated employee would be responsible for making sure everyone in the company adheres to internal policies regarding motion picture and video game ratings.

The ratings compliance officer is modeled after a successful NATO program, said Bo Andersen, the VSDA's president.

“While the best control of entertainment is parental control, home video retailers do have a role to play in helping parents ensure that their children do not gain access to movies and video games the parents deem inappropriate for them,” Andersen said.

The ratings compliance officer program coincides with the start of Entertainment Ratings & Labeling Awareness Month.

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