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VSDA Announces Show Seminar Slate

8 Apr, 2002 By: Hive News

Video retailers who want to learn more about emerging technologies, find new revenue sources, discuss ways to operate more efficiently and discover new independent and adult products to compete successfully in today's home entertainment market will get the latest updates the three-day program of educational seminars at Home Entertainment 2002 Presented by the Video Software Dealers Association (VSDA).

Slated for July 16 to 18 at the Rio Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Home Entertainment 2002 will include separate educational seminar tracks offering retailers a series of in-depth seminars on five different "themes" of interest: DVD; Retailing Operations; Technologies and Trends; Adult Issues and Product; and Acquiring New Independent Films.

.VSDA and Advanstar are partners in Home Entertainment Events, the producer of Home Entertainment 2002 Presented by VSDA.

"Our goal is to offer a seminar program that provides video retailers with the latest industry information along with business tools and ideas that will assist them in operating their stores more profitably and effectively in the highly competitive and changing world of home video," explained VSDA president Bo Andersen.

"We listened carefully to our show attendees and are giving them exactly what they want at the 2002 show – more in-depth seminars, more networking opportunities and more informal chatrooms where retailers can share their expertise and experiences," adds Advanstar Communications show manager and Mary Thompson.

VSDA's Education Committee, comprising primarily veteran independent retailers, suggested the specific seminar topics planned the show.

DVD – Seminar Track 1
This seminar track is designed to offer retailers workshops concerning the fastest growing consumer electronics product in history: DVD.

DVD & VHS – Balancing the Product Mix
Noah Kronenberg, video veteran of Norwalk Distributors, will moderate a panel of retailers discussing the importance of balancing product mix with the rising popularity of DVD as a rental product. Panelists will explore the buying and merchandising challenges they face as DVD continues its meteoric growth. Issues include how to decide how much space to devote to DVD versus VHS and how to budget and buy most effectively for each format. The emergence of DVD-only stores will also be discussed. Retail panelists will include Jim Loperfido of Emerald City Video, Ted Sarandos of NetFlix, Dave Stevenson of Big Picture Video and Tower Records and Video's John Thrasher.

DVD: The Extras and the Future of DVD Programming – The Business Model
This DVD panel discussion will feature savvy industry studio insiders Jeffrey Fink, president of Sales and Marketing, Artisan Home Entertainment; Gordon Ho, VP of Marketing, Buena Vista Home Entertainment; Michael Mulvihill, VP of Content Development, New Line Home Video; Peter Staddon, Senior VP of Marketing, Fox Home Entertainment; and DVD producer Alita Holly (Austin Powers, Men In Black and Ghostbusters). This seminar will look at the future of DVD content and programming: How much of DVD's phenomenal success owes to extra programming like outtakes, commentaries and games? Is DVD worth the extra time and expense? Now that the specter has been raised regarding paying talent to participate in extras, is there going to be a cooling off? Is there a possibility of a standard, pared-down DVD at a lower price and a higher-priced version containing the special features? The panel will be co-moderated by Video Store Magazine and Hive4Media's editor-in-chief Kurt Indvik and editor-at-large Thomas K. Arnold.

Rockin' Retailing – Seminar Track 2
This track focuses on retailing operational issues, with sessions for sharing ideas, learning from experts including veteran video retailers and discovering business tools available through VSDA.

The Thief Within
Each year retail stores lose billions of dollars to dishonesty, and nearly two-thirds of those losses are from internal theft. Hosted by John Farr, leading industry expert on external and internal theft issues, this seminar will cover loss prevention and collection and will be tailored for video store owners and managers. Farr will show retailers how implementing a few management practices can mean more profit by reducing internal losses.

Making More Money Through Best Employment Practices
Most video retailers view human resources law as a thorn in their side, restricting their ability to run their businesses. During this intriguing session, employment law specialist Glen Kraemer will turn that notion on its head and demonstrate how to enhance profitability through smart staff management techniques. A session not to be missed by store owners and managers, it promises to provide entertaining and practical information that can be put to use every day.

Indie Chatroom
This informal format offers retailers a full day of sharing experiences and learning from other retailers. It will feature several different room moderators throughout the day to lead informal discussions on various retailing "topics" at designated times. Topics will cover customer service, marketing, market intrusion and other issues, and will include moderators as well as experts and consultants on the topics to be discussed. This will be an interactive session designed to help independent video retailers talk with one another in a non-competitive arena. A detailed schedule of topics will be announced later.

International Chatroom
This informal format is geared for representatives of the video business outside of the U.S. Chatroom facilitator Michael Senker of the U.K. and co-hosts Chris Simpson of England, Co Mast of The Netherlands and Kevin Jellard of Australia will facilitate topics of discussion selected by the participants. U.S. retailers are also welcome to attend and discover what the studios are doing in overseas markets.

VSDA Solutions
This seminar will cover the wide array of benefits and opportunities offered by the home video industry's trade association. VSDA membership staff will be on hand to explain the power of Videoretailer.com and other VSDA initiatives and tools that help retailers to be more effective in running their businesses.

More $$$ with Standards
Increased productivity, reduced costs and improved timeliness in business processes are just some of the benefits through technology (and information) standardization. Presented by veteran video consultant Dave Benish of Gerke & Associates, retailers will hear how increased standards can greatly benefit a company and the industry, see where we're at now, what the future may hold and how we will get there.

Techie-Talk – Seminar Track 3
This seminar track will cover industry trends and the newest developments in technology and where it is leading consumers.

The Future of Home Entertainment
This session will provide a global view of current industry trends and predictions of where we're headed. Scott Hettrick, editor-in-chief of Video Business Magazine, will moderate a panel of key industry research experts.

Videogaming 2002
Presented by Jeffrey Beck, director of interactive media sales for Ingram Entertainment (the country's largest video game distributor), this seminar will cover the hot three-console race between Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo Gamecube and Sony Playstation2. The games being developed for these three platforms make rental potential for video games greater than ever. Retailers will learn the demographic profiles of gamers and discover a profit center not to be missed.

Pervasive Computing
Presented by Robyn Levine, Director Sector Lead -- Wireless eBusiness with IMB Global Services, this seminar will offer retailers a preview into the future of computers and how every aspect of life will include computer-sensory technology, from "smart" appliances to "smart" shoes and socks. For folks who love gadgets and are interested in the hottest consumer items, this intriguing seminar is a must.

"Adult" – Seminar Track 4
This seminar track offers retailers the opportunity to keep up-to-date with the latest developments and issues pertaining to this high-margin market segment.

Keeping the Government Out of Your Business,
The Supreme Court will soon issue rulings on adult zoning, "virtual child pornography" and adult content on the Internet. Paul Cambria, prominent First Amendment attorney, will discuss what these decisions mean for video stores that carry adult product and will show attendees how to protect their legal rights.

Adult Roundtables
Adult product is an ever-increasing revenue source for retailers and a great way to compete. These roundtables will give retailers the chance to meet with leading adult product companies to discuss upcoming titles, merchandising and other hot issues.

Adult Best Practices
Many mainstream video retailers are increasing the attention they give to their "adult rooms." VSDA's Mark Fisher will lead a panel of retailers who found that by devoting the proper attention, space and financial support to this category, revenues and profits can grow.

Filmmakers of Tomorrow – Seminar Track 5
This series of seminars offers retailers the unique opportunity to view the newest product available from independent filmmakers and meet the visionary directors and filmmakers face-to-face.

Filmmakers of Tomorrow Roundtables
There is a wealth of good product looking for retail distribution. Retail and wholesale buying groups and labels are invited to join independent makers of film and other entertainment content in a mini-market setting to develop business relationships and new channels of distribution.

How To Make Money with Indie Product
Successful independent product retailers will be joined by distribution specialist Marty Jorgensen of VPD. Retailers will discover how to carry product the competition is not, create a niche market that sets them apart and cater to the film lover from an artistic, historic and/or educational perspective.

Behind the Scenes (War Stories)
This panel moderated by Chris Gore, outspoken independent film commentator and creator of FilmThreat.com, includes several up-and-coming as well as veteran independent directors, who will share their "war stories" and behind-the-scenes challenges and opportunities faced while making their films on a limited budget.

Home Entertainment 2002 Presented by VSDA will feature more than 150 exhibitors and meeting room suites, a comprehensive educational conference program of "need-to-know" business seminars, spotlight presentations, program suppliers, buyers from a broad range of storefront and online retailers, filmmakers of the future, digital-delivery decision makers, evening parties and other networking events. This is the only convention that brings the big business of home entertainment under one roof, at the exciting Rio Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

Those interested in registering for the show may do so online via the Internet at www.homeentertainment2002.com or through www.vsda.org or by contacting (888) 778-8892.

Home Entertainment 2002 Presented by VSDA, the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo and the East Coast Video Show are all organized through Home Entertainment Events (HEE), a joint venture between the VSDA and Advanstar Communications, Inc. to own and produce conferences, trade shows and other events in support of the home entertainment industry.

Advanstar Communications is also the parent of Hive4Media.com and Video Store Magazine.

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