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Vivendi Visual to Distribute Young Adult Fare on DVD

16 Nov, 2007 By: Erik Gruenwedel

You Are Here

Vivendi Visual Entertainment, the DVD delivery arm of Universal Music Group Distribution, has inked a distribution deal with upstart media company Blowtorch Entertainment.

San Francisco-based Blowtorch recently secured $50 million in funding for the production and acquisition of content catered toward young adults, who range from 18 to 25 years old.

Under terms of the deal, Los Angeles-based Visual Entertainment will distribute three to six Blowtorch titles annually on DVD beginning in 2008.

In addition, VVE will market, promote and distribute movies and related content via the Internet, TV and mobile.

Yolanda Macias, VP of acquisitions with VVE, said the company is currently selling Blowtorch content to TV in addition to DVD.

“From a digital perspective, we will be selling to all the digital retailers, including electronic sellthrough and streaming,” Macias said. She defines the young adult market as the “sweet spot” for distributors.

The first movie, You Are Here, is slated for theatrical release next spring. The 2006 film festival entry about a group of twenty-something, nightclub-hopping friends who wake up after a wild night on the town and find their lives in chaos, stars Bijou Phillips (Hostel: Part II), Danny Masterson (“That ‘70s Show”) and Patrick Fleuger (The 4400).

A DVD release date has not been disclosed.

Macias said the title was acquired, unlike future content that will primarily be produced in-house and with third parties.

She said VVE was attracted to Blowtorch after working with several of its executives, including producer board member Paul Schiff.

“We knew their track record, and they brought in some well-known producers and writers who have success with this market,” Macias said.

She said the company's comprehensive business plan appeared solid, even more so after the funding.

“After seeing their plans, it gave us the confidence to want to be in partnership because we see an opportunity to reach this market with smart, relevant comedy,” Macias said.VVE is not an investor in Blowtorch.

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