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Vista Causes iTunes Glitch

6 Mar, 2007 By: Jessica Wolf

The Mac vs. PC dilemma isn't just for those catchy Apple-funded commercials anymore.

This week the debate hit PC iPod lovers where it hurts, as an iTunes upgrade Apple released that would make it compatible with Microsoft's new Vista operating system failed to solve all the issues posed by two very different computer systems operating in the same hard drive.

Leading up to Microsoft's oft-advertised release of Windows Vista, Apple warned iTunes users not to try to synch their iPods with a Vista-enabled computer until Apple released an upgrade to its iTunes 7 application.

That upgrade became available this week, and Apple took down Vista incompatibility warnings from its corporate Web site. But Apple replaced that warning with another, reporting ongoing "glitches" that could potentially corrupt a users iPod after its been synched with a Vista-enabled operations system.

The two companies are working to solve the problem, according to Apple's Web site.

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