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Video Vet Starts Movie Recommendation Service

9 Dec, 2008 By: Chris Tribbey

A new Internet movie search engine aims to give viewers recommendations based on their moods.

ClerkDogs.com, which has launched in beta form with crime and suspense genres to start, asks users to type in a movie they enjoy. A list of recommended films pops up, using video store clerk analysis instead of user-generated votes or reviews. If the films at the top of the list aren’t violent or suspenseful enough, adjusting one of 35 “Movie DNA” bars brings up something more to your liking.

The site is the brainchild of Stuart Skorman, a 60-year-old former video store owner who founded Reel.com in 1995 and sold it for $100 million in 1998. He and the original writers for Reel.com started working on ClerkDogs.com in 2006.

“Our mission is to deliver the first real film discovery experience that’s as fun as the movie you end up watching,” Skorman said. “ClerkDogs interacts with film seekers in a Web 2.0 way that feels like you are talking to a knowledgeable video store professional.”

Skorman said he believes his search engine brings a more human side to the search for a good movie, and that technology has gone as far as it can in delivering the right movies in search engines to consumers.

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