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Video Game Law Struck Down

16 Jul, 2004 By: Kurt Indvik

A summary judgment was handed down yesterday ruling against the Washington state law that would have banned the rental or sales of video games to minors that depicted violence against law enforcement officers.

The VSDA, which had been a plaintiff in the suit along with other entertainment industry trade groups, “is extremely pleased with the decision that vindicates the First Amendment rights of video game retailers and their customers,” said Sean Bersell, VP of public affairs for VSDA.

“VSDA has long said that the answer to concerns about depictions of violence in video games is not censorship, but parental control,” he said. "Given that the courts have consistently rejected attempts to ban the rental or sale or violent video games, as the court did today, video game retailers have a heightened responsibility to ensure that they are effectively assisting customers in exercising parental control. And the way to do that is to provide ratings education and voluntary ratings enforcement for their customers, which many retailers already do.”

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