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Video Game Briefs

8 Feb, 2004 By: Hive News

Report: Next Xbox Big on Value
Although not slated for launch until fall 2005, Microsoft's new Xbox video game console is expected to emphasize a lower retail price rather than expanded features, according to the San Jose Mercury News. The new console, which will reportedly have increased computing power and better graphics, is gearing to increase its market share prior to the release of rival PlayStation 3 from Sony.

Analyst Calls for Game Chief's Ouster
A Bank of America securities analyst has called for the resignation of Ryan Brant, chairman of Take-Two Interactive Software, publisher of the “Grand Theft Auto” franchise. The New York-based company recently filed a 15-day extension with the Securities and Exchange Commission for fiscal-year 2003 results, citing changes in its revenue recognition policies that would affect financial results dating back to 1999.

Gamers Rent Before They Buy
About 50 percent of video game players will try out a title through rental or demo prior to purchasing it, according to a survey by Encino, Calif.-based E-Pol. Two-thirds of respondents based video game purchases on feedback from friends or third-party Web sites, not retail salespersons. Also, 80 percent of teen respondents said they -- not their parents -- choose what games to purchase.

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