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Viacom’s Dauman Talks DVD, BD, Google Suit

18 Mar, 2009 By: Chris Tribbey

Speaking at the McGraw Hill Media Summit in New York City March 18, Viacom President and CEO Philippe Dauman touched on Blu-ray Disc and DVD sales, Viacom’s $1 billion suit against Google, and the proliferation of free content on the Internet, The Washington Post reported.

Dauman reportedly said that his company — which owns Paramount, MTV and numerous other media brands — expects both DVD and Blu-ray sales to decline, but top-notch titles such as Iron Man will continue to do well, the paper reported.

As for Viacom’s ongoing suit against Google over copyright violation allegations from YouTube videos, Dauman reportedly said that the suit has already had the desired effect. “We’re in litigation land, we’re still going through discovery. With technology, there are more documents [to be examined],” the Post quoted him saying. “We’re confident in our position and that there will be an outcome some day.

“We’ve already achieved a number of things with this lawsuit. It took a long time, but because of our actions, YouTube has moved in the right direction. They’re where they should have been all along.”

Dauman added that the fears of cable-system operators, that free video online might cause consumers to cut their cable bills, are overblown, the Post reported. “We’re working with cable operators to make sure the consumer gets what they want in a way that works well for both the content companies and distributors,” he was quoted saying. “We all need to make money. Talent likes to be rewarded and these shows cost money.”

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