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Ventura Pumps Up to Launch New Karen Voight Titles

14 Mar, 2002 By: Kurt Indvik

Nationally recognized fitness expert Karen Voight is blending her skills and knowledge with DVD technology to add to the evolution of the exercise video.

Voight stars in three new DVDs, Yoga & Sculpting, Ultimate Circuit Training and Total Body Pilates ($19.98 each), due April 9 via Thousand Oaks, Calif.-based Ventura Distribution Inc.

The DVDs will each have two complete one-hour workouts, along with special "pre-programmed mini-routines" for shorter workouts targeting specific body parts. The DVD format, Voight said, lets users customize their workouts and have more control over the time they spend and where to focus their energies. The circuit training DVD, for instance, allows users, after the warmup segment, to move around to different chapters depending on their workout desires for that day.

"It's almost like a coaching tool that I have put together on DVD," she said recently after having spent the morning giving the folks at Ventura a sample workout. Voight has had plenty of success in the video market in the past, with Disney in the mid-1990s for Your Personal Best with Elle Macpherson and Strong & Smooth Moves, and has some 15 other videos that have been marketed primarily through her own Web site. The now defunct Fast Forward also distributed several Voight titles to retail.

Ventura is also distributing three VHS titles of Voight's Pilates workouts ($9.98 each) and a circuit training VHS title ($14.98 each). A national print ad and publicity campaign kicking off in mid- April will support those releases.

Author of Precision Training for Body & Mind and a regular fitness columnist for The Los Angeles Times, Voight also has been personal trainer to celebrities, has made numerous TV appearances and has been the subject of magazine coverage, including a cover story in U.S. News & World Report in 1996.

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