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Venevision on Veoh

7 Oct, 2007 By: Angelique Flores

Venevision International is growing its online distribution, most recently adding its content to Veoh.com.

Venevision already has content on Google Video, YouTube and Vuze. The company added Veoh to its list of online distribution sites with trailers and TV spots of Venevision content.

Trailers for the upcoming DVDs of Soñar No Cuesta Nada (streeting Oct. 16, $16.98) and The Hidden/Oculto (out Nov. 20, $17.98) are available for viewing on the site. Also available for streaming are trailers for El Nominado, Tres Pajaros, Medellin and La Santa Muerte, all of which are already available on DVD.

“Veoh offered the possibility of cutting down content management by being versatile enough to mirror our rich media on other popular video sites,” said Manual Avila, director of the home video division for Venevision International. “We believe that sites such as Veoh are must-have distribution platforms that allow us to showcase the films that we distribute in a compelling format within our particular vertical market.”

Besides adding more distribution through streams of movies, the company also expects the online outlet will boost DVD sales.

Venevision eventually will add one to three films monthly, along with trailers and 30-second commercials for available DVDs, Avila said.

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