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V3 Media to Launch DVD/CE Teller Machines

14 Mar, 2005 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Las Vegas-based V3 Media in the next 90 days will begin rolling out proprietary “MediaRacer” tellers that allow consumers to burn their favorite movie, song or video game onto CDs or DVDs.

Prospective teller locations include big-box retailers, restaurants, malls and movie theaters.

Each CD/DVD disc, which start at $5 depending on the amount and type of content burned, is encoded with copy-protection software from nascent DRM firm, Media Rights Technologies, based in Santa Cruz, Calif.

“The nature of the content will be targeted toward the demographics of the retail establishment,” said Michael Poncher, EVP with V3 Media. “If [a teller] goes into a fast food restaurant, it will have family fare; if it goes into a big box retailer, it will have more general fare.”

The tellers will also offer music tracks across all genres, maps, games, recipes, encyclopedias and how-to manuals.

Poncher said the company is in license negotiations with record labels (including BMG), independent film distributors and studios for content, and could not disclose specific titles or songs.

Those dialogues could take awhile.

Royalty issues aside, studios (and record labels) have been loath to loosen their reign on content dissemination due to widespread proliferation of pirated material on the Internet and bootleg DVDs.

“We are satisfied with our copy protection technology and are constantly presenting that [frame of mind] to the studios and labels,” Poncher said.

In addition to embedded DRM technology, Poncher said each disc is coated with a polymer that is watermarked and under black light changes color so that you can prove or disprove the source of that content.

“We could trace back a disc to the [DVD ripper] it was burned on,” he said.

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