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UPDATE: Wal-Mart, GameZnFlix Drop Rental Prices

2 Nov, 2004 By: Erik Gruenwedel

In what could be the beginning of a price war among online DVD movie and video game rental services, Franklin, Ken.-based GameZnFlix Monday dropped its monthly subscription price to $17.25 — 24 cents and 74 cents below competing services from Blockbuster and Netflix, respectively.

Wal-Mart's nascent online subscription service, which had charged $18.76 per month for three rentals at a time, Tuesday cut its monthly price to $17.36 while maintaining $15.54 for two titles and $21.94 for four titles.

“We are always reviewing the competitive landscape and we want maintain a focus on providing customers a great value,” said a Wal-Mart.com spokesperson.

She downplayed the appearance of an emerging price war among online rental services but indicated that the two DVD rental option has become akin to ordering a medium drink at a self-serve soda fountain.

“It is our most popular plan,” said the spokesperson.

Similar to the aforementioned services, GameZnFlix allows subscribers to rent up to three movies at a time with no late fees.

Amazon's apparent interest to enter online movie and video game rentals prompted Netflix last month to slash its monthly service charge $4.

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