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Upcoming Star Cam Gigandet Loves Playing the Bad Guy

4 Jul, 2008 By: Chris Tribbey

Cam Gigandet

Sometimes, it's just more fun to play the bad boy. If you doubt that, just ask Cam Gigandet. He's been a tough guy on “The O.C.,” a badass in Summit Entertainment's Never Back Down (on DVD and Blu-ray Disc July 29) and will be a blood-sucking vamp in Twilight, in theaters in December. The karate black-belt owner received the Entertainment Merchants Association Rising Male Star of the Year award at Home Media Expo 2008.

  • HM:You've earned the “Rising Male Star of the Year” award at this year's Entertainment Merchants Association event. What's your reaction?

  • Gigandet: I am shocked to be honest. It's such an amazing feeling to be validated by the industry, but it also adds a level of pressure into the mix. There's nothing wrong with a bit of pressure though, right? Seriously though, I am just extremely grateful. And no, I have not prepared a speech, yet. I keep going back and forth on whether I should or not. It's a good little predicament to have.

  • HM: You've played a bad boy and a vampire. Do you mind playing all these antagonistic characters?

  • Gigandet: I really love playing the bad guys. They have so much more freedom than the hero, and it's more of a challenge to give them a heart. I have a movie coming out soon called the unborn where I play a good guy, and I would love to do more.

  • HM: What's your single best role so far in your young career? And who was the person you have the fondest memories working with?

  • Gigandet: Never Back Down, and Jeff Wadlow.

  • HM: Can you offer any insight into the special features on Never Back Down?

  • Gigandet: My favorite special feature is on the Blu-ray, the Alternate Angle fight mode. It allows people to watch all the fight scenes from different angles and cuts. It's pretty amazing.

  • HM: Are you a big DVD fan with a collection? What about Blu-ray?

  • Gigandet: I love DVDs and am still working on my collection. It's getting there. I am going to get Blu-ray as soon as I move in to my new home. I can't wait.

  • HM: What do you have in the pipeline next? Wait, let me guess … a romance?

  • Gigandet: No, no. No romance, not yet. I have a cool indie called Kid Cannabis, and a thriller called Pandorum with Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster. That's it for now, but those will keep me busy for a while.

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