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Universal Parties in Puerto Rico

26 Sep, 2003 By: Kurt Indvik

RIO GRANDE, PUERTO RICO -- Universal Studios Home Video (USHV) put the pedal to the metal with a blowout here last week for 2 Fast 2 Furious and the Scarface Two-Disc Edition, both due Sept. 30.

Universal executives hosted two events Sept. 25 coinciding with a gathering of more than 500 DJs from U.S. urban radio stations, whose audience is a perfect match, said Craig Kornblau, president of USHV. “The whole idea was that we have these two incredible movies that appeal to the same demographic,” he said.“We always knew that Tony Montana [the principal character in Scarface] was an icon in the hip-hop community.” Kornblau said initial shipment orders for the two films is about 10 million units, including an “extraordinary” 2.5 million for Scarface.

Several of the film's stars showed up for the 2 Fast event, including Tyrese, Ludacris and director John Singleton. For the 20th anniversary DVD release of Scarface, Universal transformed a hotel ballroom with all the decadent trappings of the Tony Montana lifestyle.

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