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Uni Music Group Commits to DVD-Audio

28 Mar, 2003 By: Hive News

Universal Music Group (UMG) today announced its commitment to make music available on DVD-Audio (DVD-A). Beginning with 20 U.S. releases slated for the second half of 2003, UMG plans an ongoing program to make a combination of bestselling artists and core catalog titles available on DVD-Audio in major markets worldwide.

Most recordings will be remixed and remastered from the original multitrack masters to take advantage of the superior advanced resolution surround and stereo sound quality now possible with DVD-Audio. Many of UMG's DVD-Audio discs will take advantage of the format's ability to include bonus enhanced content including photos, biographies, lyrics, discographies and videos. UMG DVD-Audio discs will also play on existing DVD-Video players using Dolby Digital surround sound.

"Universal has always played a leading role in the development and implementation of new technologies and formats," said Larry Kenswil, president of UMG's eLabs. "Over the past five years DVD has established itself as one of the fastest growing formats. The huge penetration of DVD makes DVD-Audio a natural progression for music lovers who are already owners of DVD players, taking them from the familiar world of stereo to the 21st Century world of multi-channel surround sound."

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