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Uni Brings 'Columbo' TV Movies to DVD

13 Mar, 2007 By: Billy Gil

Universal Studios Home Entertainment is on the case to bring the Columbo Mystery Movie Collection 1989 to DVD April 24 (prebook March 20) at $26.98.

The three-disc set includes the TV movies “Columbo Goes to the Guillotine”; “Murder, Smoke and Shadows”; “Sex and the Married Detective”; “Grand Deceptions”; and “Murder, a Self Portrait.”

The movies are based on the classic mystery series “Columbo,” which aired as part of the “NBC Mystery Movie” lineup from 1971 to 1978. Peter Falk stars as the deceptively clever detective who trapped suspects by affecting a dense, absent-minded persona, then returning with the signature phrase, “just one more thing,” revealing a hole in the suspect's story.

The new series of Columbo telefilms started 11 years after the show's initial broadcast run represent something of a return to form for the character, as Falk's first appearance as Columbo came in a 1968 TV movie.

The character ranked seventh on Bravo's “Top 100 Characters of All Time,” and the show won a total of 13 prime-time Emmys, including four best actor nods for Falk, as well as a Golden Globe for outstanding drama series.

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