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UMD Movies Not Dead

28 Oct, 2006 By: John Gaudiosi

The demise of the UMD movie platform was overblown, said Peter Dille, SVP of marketing for Sony Computer Entertainment America.

“I think we'll see more UMD movies coming out down the line,” he said. “You have a format with 20 million users around the world. It's the fastest-growing platform we've had.”

Dille said Sony hired Phil Rosenberg as VP of business development to work directly with the Hollywood studios on movie content for UMD as well as for PlayStation Network downloads.

“The studios really welcome this dialogue and understand better what we're doing,” Dille said.

Sony could have done a better job of working with the Hollywood community on UMD product, he said.

“Each time there's a new movie playback device, Hollywood looks to go into the archive,” Dille said. “But the PSP consumer doesn't need the entire library out on retail shelves. We didn't really talk to the studios well enough to tell them who the PSP consumer was and what type of content they might be interested in. On Golden Pond doesn't make a lot of sense on PSP. Unfortunately, without that dialogue, there were a number of studios that put out content that didn't make sense to us.”

Dille said that while other Sony divisions have experimented with putting movie content on memory sticks for PSP through promotional offerings, the UMD format will be the way movies are distributed for PSP going forward.

“We're focused on the UMD format,” Dille said.

Sony has its PSP download site up and running, which allows gamers to download content from their PC to PSP. While the site is primarily focused on games right now, Dille said other types of entertainment will be available on the site some time after the first of next year.

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