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Two-Disc ‘XXX' Includes Bridge to Theatrical Sequel

23 Mar, 2005 By: Jessica Wolf

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment preps fans of spy actioner XXX for an upcoming sequel with a double-disc director's cut of the original 2002 film streeting April 19.

XXX: State of the Union hits theaters April 29.

The thing fans will love most about the new XXX DVD, said the movie's director Rob Cohen, is the four-minute short that shows the death of the lead character from the first installment, Xander Cage, played then by Vin Diesel.

“It occurred to me that if we're going to do an extended director's cut, there better be something really worth buying in it, because I don't want the audience that was attracted to my film to feel like they're being ripped off,” Cohen said.

Of course, he had to recast the main role for the short, he added. On the DVD extra, Cage is played by Khristian Lupo. While audiences of the new XXX theatrical release will hear new characters refer to Cage's death, it's the special-edition DVD owners who will get to actually see how it happened.

“It definitely gets the point across, and it's pretty graphic,” Cohen said.

The short wraps up the storyline from the first film and allows fans to move on inside the “XXX” world, which was the plan for the series all along, Cohen said, likening it to the James Bond franchise and its multiple leading stars.

“The idea was that the franchise would not be dependent on one person,” he said. “It's a state of mind. It could be anybody who is that ‘I'm out of the box, not in the normal line of thinking' kind of a rebel.”

The edgy hard-driving spy character of XXX could be anyone, he said, from Ice Cube, who reprises the role in the new movie, to Michelle Yeoh or Ziyi Zhang from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Cohen said he was glad to go back and also add eight minutes of additional footage. It's more ‘R'-rated stuff, he said, with a little nudity, some more action and extended fight scenes.

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