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Tweeter Relaunches E-Commerce Site

1 Oct, 2002 By: Hive News

Specialty consumer electronics retailer Tweeter Home Entertainment Group has launched its new e-commerce site, www.tweeter.com.

"We are very proud to make our re-entry into e-commerce with the new tweeter.com," says Noah Herschman, VP of Video Merchandising for Tweeter. "The new site is designed with the same look and feel of our stores. It will serve as a valuable resource for both the in-store and online customer."

Consumers will be able to purchase and research products by searching, browsing and comparing detailed product information. The site includes articles and information on new technology and shopping guides for 50 product categories. The new tweeter.com will also feature "brand spotlights" to provide the customer with an easy way to shop for all products made by their favorite brand.

Tweeter.com will feature a selection of quality home audio/video products including HDTV and flat panel plasma and LCD televisions, DVD players, personal video recorders (PVRs), surround sound systems and digital camcorders. The company is expected to offer car stereo products on the site in early 2003.

Many of the products sold in Tweeter and HiFi Buys stores will be immediately available for purchase on www.tweeter.com. The site will also include a store locator next to products that are available for purchase "in-store only," providing driving directions to the nearest Tweeter or HiFi Buys store.

"We expect that more and more manufacturers will make their products available for sale on tweeter.com as they become more comfortable with the site," said Herschman.

Tweeter is responsible for merchandising, branding and designing of the look and feel of the Web site, while GSI Commerce will be responsible for the site technology, customer service, order processing, and fulfillment.

Tweeter Home Entertainment Group operates 167 stores under the Tweeter brand in the New England, Mid-Atlantic, Texas, San Diego and Chicago markets, the HiFi Buys brand in the Georgia market, the Sound Advice brand in the Florida market, the Showcase brand in the Arizona market and the Hillcrest brand in the Dallas market.

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