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TV DVDs Are a Hot New Category at Suncoast Stores as 'The Simpsons' Grabs the Top Spot

5 Oct, 2001 By: Hive News

Mall-based movie retailer Suncoast reported thatfor the first time in company history, a TV series topped the list of DVD bestsellers for the week ended Sept. 29.

On Sept. 25, The Simpsons: The Complete First Seasonhit store shelves across the nation and sold more units at Suncoast than theatrical blockbusters including A Knight's Tale, Along Came a Spider and Spy Kids.

"Television shows on DVD have thrived at Suncoast stores since the release of X-Files Season One in May 2000. The Simpsons release only reconfirms the strength of the new and growing category," said Peter Busch, v.p. of video.

"Someday we may see releases from other classic shows like `Seinfeld' and `MASH' -- this is only the beginning of a new phenomenon in DVDsales," said Busch.

The second season of "The Sopranos" on DVD is expected to hit store shelves in early November and the first season of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" is expected to follow in mid January.

Other related titles that have done well on DVD at Suncoast include the Sci-Fi Channel's "Farscape" series, Fox's "X-Files," NBC's "Friends," HBO's "Sex and the City," the British cult favorite "The Avengers" and early "Monty Python" episodes.

Suncoast consumers were early adopters of DVD, the chain said. The video format hit store shelves in March 1997and has grown substantially since. Currently, DVD is the top-selling product category in Suncoast stores.

Suncoast, a division of the Minneapolis-based Musicland Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Best Buy Inc., has almost 400 locations nationwide.

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