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Trivial Pursuit Game Makers Give Disc a Spin

16 Nov, 2003 By: Holly J. Wagner

Everybody is getting into the DVD game -- in some cases, literally.

Among the new products toymaker Hasbro Inc. is offering this year is Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture edition, complete with DVD.

“Whenever there is new technology out there that consumers are embracing, we are always looking for a game application for it,” said Mark Morris, public relations director for Hasbro games.

The new version began shipping in September with a “retail approximate” price of $34.99. It includes 1,800 questions on cards, plus 400 questions on a DVD.

“The focus of Trivial Pursuit DVD is all elements of pop culture. It's movies, it's TV, it's buzz. There are things like commercials in there. For the most part, it is going to be more entertainment-geared, because it's pop culture,” Morris said.

“You load the DVD into the machine and play the game. There are loads of normal questions. When you are going for the wedge, that's when you do a question from the DVD,” Morris said.

“It's not just clips. Many times there are creative ways of giving you the question, too,” Morris said. For example, an image might begin to appear on the screen as the disc gives audio clues. As the audio track proceeds, more elements of the image become clear until the player can guess the answer. The new DVD feature has also expanded the strategy elements of the game.

“Sometimes if you can't figure it out, it goes to All Play,” Morris said. “Then someone can steal a wedge from you.”

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