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The Trip's the Thing

19 Sep, 2002 By: Hive News

When an SUV isn't big enough, it's time to move on to an SUV limousine. And if car phones and TVs aren't enough, now you can get satellite TV and high-speed mobile Internet access.

Los Angeles-based Becker Automative Design, a luxury SUV conversion company, will be putting KVH Industries TracVision satellite TV and TracNet Mobile High-Speed Internet Systems in a number of its SUV limos.

"[The KVH] design simplifies installation and minimizes the number of antennas that are mounted on the roof," explained Chad Clemens, Becker Automotive Design's project supervisor. "The primary application for the TracVision and TracNet has been the mobile office and commuting scenario with a vehicle built in a limousine-style configuration. Our clients specify that they need to use their time on the road more effectively."

TracVision L3 is a fully automatic, in-motion antenna that delivers satellite television and audio from DirecTV, Dish Network or other high-powered DVB-compatible satellite systems worldwide while the vehicle is both in motion and parked. Programming includes news, sports, weather, movies, and other entertainment commonly found on cable TV systems as well as more than 40 channels of commercial-free CD-quality music. The TracVision L3 is also fully compatible with the new KVH TracNet Mobile High-speed Internet System, which offers mobile, two-way access to the Internet. TracNet receives Internet downloads at speeds reaching 400 kilobits per second (Kbps) via the high-powered, mobile DirecPC satellite service, available from KVH Industries.

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