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Trilogy Partners With Family Film Fest

17 Jun, 2002 By: Hive News

Salt Lake City-based Trilogy Studios is partnering with the recently established Salt Lake Film Festival to kick off its inaugural year in August 2002.

The festival will feature film screenings, workshops, themed parties, a "futurecinema" expo and panel discussions. The.

The festival is a nod to Salt Lake City rising popularity as a location for a range of productions, especially independent films. Its mission is “to showcase films that stir the soul, heal the heart, and enrich the world “ and festival organizers' vision includes recognition of people, organizations and technologies making significant strides in entertainment.

Breck Rice, co-founder and chief operating officer of Trilogy Studios, has been appointed co-chairman of the Film Festival board of directors and will direct the "FutureCinema" Expo, which will feature companies, organizations and technologies contributing to “major positive changes taking place in the film industry.” The expo will be held on the Larry H. Miller Entrepreneurial Campus in Sandy, Utah.

Work of Salt Lake Community College's Digital Media Institute (DMI) will be featured in the festival expo.

The Film Festival will inaugurate three initial categories for 2002 -- feature films, short films and screenwriting represented in animation, documentary, and student genres. "Our partnership with Trilogy Studios is significant in establishing the festival as a major influence in developing family-oriented entertainment," said Wayne Lee, executive director of the Salt Lake City Film Festival and co-chairman of the board.

The festival will concentrate its efforts to encouraging wholesome family entertainment and criteria for submission will include no profanity, vulgarity, racial degradation, overt sexuality, or other questionable material.

"Our company and products are based on the premise that films can be both wholesome and entertaining,” said Rice, whose company makes a video masking software. “There is a large market for this type of entertainment and through the festival we want to bring that to the attention of moviemakers around the world."

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