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Toshiba Holding Off on Blu-ray, Looking to Upscaling DVD Players

1 Jul, 2008 By: Chris Tribbey

Toshiba is still on the sidelines, while other consumer electronics companies are announcing new Blu-ray Disc players. That may not change any time soon.

In late May, Japanese media outlets reported that the creator of HD DVD was working on a new upscaling DVD player “capable of producing high-resolution images from regular DVDs” for release later this year. The player reportedly will upscale DVD images to 1080p.

Alan Thompson, Toshiba's European CEO, confirmed the tactic in June, telling media outlets, “At this present time we are not using Blu-ray. Blu-ray is just one of many ways that you can get HD content and is not required for accessing HD content.”

Also in June at its Steering Committee meeting, the DVD Forum, which is chaired by Toshiba and oversees the standards for the DVD format, approved a new logo, which has “Download DL” under the standard DVD logo. That's spurring speculation by technology Web sites that Toshiba is looking at Internet connected DVD players.

Also at the Steering Committee meeting, the Forum approved updated specifications for the Chinese HD DVD format, which would be exclusive to that country.

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